Terms of Use

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  • October 31, 2018 - 12:24 PDT

Terms of Use

Thank you for using Dove-Flash.com! We're happy you're here. We have tried write clear this Terms of Service agreement, please read this.

Web & HUD

1. Magazine Web This part web presents all the recent activities of our partner stores, with photos, texts, compatibilities, download links, purchase links, prices, etc.

2. Magazine HUD This part HUD presents all the recent activities of our partner stores, with photos, texts, prices, teleport, etc. For help you to shop in game.

3. Interconnected Web and HUD are connected and work both together, change inside web change inside the HUD and inverse.


1. User You can grab a HUD in game and wear the HUD, your account is create immediatly and give you a pasword for the website.

2. Designer You need contact the staff to open your account designer.

Password can't be choosen by you, the system HUD and panels are the only way for reset your password.


1. User This magazine and the HUD are completely free of charge for our users.

2. Designer We have different promotional level to assist you in communicating your products, all subscription payments are made inside the game using the renewal panels.


Dove-Flash.com and HUD Dove-Flash are a Second Life fashion magazine. All publications, opinions and images in this magazine are original and the property of their respective authors, unless otherwise indicated.

The images that you see on this magazine can be for a specific shape or body or skin and can be photoshopped to enhance the look of the avatars. Please be sure to try the DEMO of each product before purchase to assure your complete satisfaction.

All product and store sheets are published by their respective creators and promote their latest commercial offers, texts may be non-objective.

Second Life®, Linden Lab®, SL™, Linden™, SLurl™, are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. Dove-Flash.com and Dove-Flash HUD are not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.


This Terms of Use was last updated on: October 31, 2018

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Dove Flash ™ (dove-flash.com) is a magazine and HUD to help your shopping for all Second Life®.

Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Labs Research Inc.

Dove Flash ™ is not affiliated with Second Life® in any way.