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  • Dollen McMillan
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  • July 22, 2019 - 22:02 PDT

Dove Flash is a marketing tool website that helps any designer promote their sales items such as promotions, sales, new releases, exclusives at events and more are part of the website.

Dove Flash is for all shoppers in Second Life that look for sale items. Shoppers love the idea to see a product immediately and teleport to where the item is at to purchase and this is why Dove Flash is here to do.

  • Dove Flash works along with a hud that any of us can attach to our avatars and simply browse if that is the choice of the shopper.

  • Almost works like any Group Notice in SL when designers send announcements on groups announcing any item.

  • Signature Dove and Active Urban has worked on this page for years to bring this to SL. A must have shopper gadget.

We are launching this product with designers that are already joined Signature Dove Enterprises venues for the moment. Easy to be part of Signature Dove venues.

For more information contact IM Palomma Casanova in SL or IM Dollen McMillan in SL by sending a notecard with your question to help you be part of this wonderful website/hud.

Be part of Dove Flash and let your store items be almost advertise by themselves. All designers will be able to modify their unique Dove Flash store inside Dove Flash webpages. We are looking forward to hear from you to teach you how to be part of Dove Flash. Different advertising packages available on the page price.


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Dove Flash ™ (dove-flash.com) is a magazine and HUD to help your shopping for all Second Life®.

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