Privacy Policy

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  • October 31, 2018 - 11:34 PDT

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors is important. This privacy policy document outlines the type of personal information received and collected by and how they are used.


1. All the information we collect is only for the purpose of and for the use of We only collect your avatar UUID and avatar name. And we record your password, login information, favorites, wishes and finally your preferences in your file.

2. Our partner stores do not have access to your detailed information and only anonymous statistics for their products.


1. The statistical data is recorded anonymously, the last byte of the IP addresses is deleted.

2. The data concerning your favourite selections and wishes selections are private, except if you make them public with using your account options.

If you choose to publish your favourites or wishes list, everyone will be able to access it, otherwise it remains private.


Only you, can change your password using the different methods in the game

1. User You can request a new password directly inside Second Life. By wearing your HUD and clicking the Dove-Flash logo or clicking the green button. You can also go to our office and click on the password panel.

2. Designer You can request a new password directly inside Second Life. By clicking the password panel in our office.

Account deletion

If you choose to delete your account, it will be frozen for 31 days and destroyed after that 31-day period. During the 31-day period, all your account information will then be invisible to everyone.

An additional 31 days will then be required until all your information is deleted from our backup data.

The reactivation of your HUD, will reactivate your account if the 31-day period is not finished, after 31 days wearing the HUD will create a new account


This Privacy Policy was last updated on: October 31, 2018

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